Strategic Angler Naia 180



Naia: Length: 7 inches (180 mm), Average weight: 4 ounces (115-120 grams)

Natural springs are some of the clearest and purest water sources on earth.   Naia was born based on this premise, a clear lure that best embodies its minimalist purity.  She was conceptualized over three years ago while I was searching for a way to encapsulate the best attributes of all my creations.  She did not yet have a name;  she was but a simple fluid shape that eventually became what she is today.

The name came to me after reading an article about the discovery of an intact, 13,000 year old skeleton of an adolescent girl found in a cenote (underwater cave) in the Yucatan.  She was named after the Naiads, the Greek water nymphs of rivers and springs.  After two years in the design phase and another year in testing, the StrategicAngler Naia series was born.

Naia is the latest creation offered by StrategicAngler for 2020.  She transcends the traditional design of a stickbait and a fast sinking jig.  I refer to Naia as a “she” because of her fluid lines and seductive appearance.  The omission of the belly loop creates a rhythmic side to side cadence as she free falls, while the tail hook configuration can be customized to suit your fishing style.  Naia works well with large single hooks or trebles of various sizes.  Twitches, “walk the dogs”, sweeps and a sinking flutter all successfully embody her fluid style.

A touch of UV* in the clear body illuminates her in the water, completing her scintillating form.


Walk –  A rhythmic slow twitch will make Naia move with an alternating left and right cadence.   A quick  sweep creates a sudden commotion that reverberates in the water attracting predators in the process.

Wobble –   Retrieving the lure with the rod tip down will create a slow side to side wobble.  This slow and erratic movement is reminiscent of a cruising or unwary fish.  An occasional twitch will make Naia come alive, flash on one side and then right itself.

Sinking flutter – Cast the lure, or simply let it drop!  A free falling lure will have a more pronounced side to side flutter, so give it a few seconds for Naia to reach your preferred depth before retrieving.

Horizontal sinking


  • Walk the dog; side to side cadence
  • Horizontal sinking flutter during freefall
  • Wobbling side to side swimming action with slow retrieve
  • Erratic action with fast retrieve

Retrieve speed:
slow to fast

Skill level:
None to moderate



Rear only:
3/0 to 5/0 trebles

7/0 to 12/0 single


Hook size/weight dependent:  average 2ft/second

Additional information


Ballyhoo, Blue Mackerel, Green Mackerel, Herring, Mahi Mahi, Naked Sardine, Pink Flyer, pink squid, Purple Flyer, Rainbow Mackerel, Sandeel, Saury/Halfbeak, Wahoo