Auser Lures

Hand made in Italy!

All our baits are made by hand, starting from an idea on which we produce a wooden prototype that is subsequently tested in water, if necessary and almost always changes are made until the desired action is reached. Once the desired design has been found, the molds are created. Our baits are made with a special blend of resin and inert fillers, which ensures great resistance to impacts and bites. Once extracted from the mold the bait is sanded by hand and prepared for seasoning which lasts a few days. After curing, the bait is ready for painting, which is then carried out using an airbrush, then it is coated with several layers of resistant glossy finish and left to mature for other days.

Our internal armor not only pass through but they are also made by laser cutting of a single duplex steel sheet. This state of the art method has two main advantages: no weldings or junctions because it’s solid body and the duplex stainless steel is more than two times stronger and corrosion resistant than the stainless steel 316 stainless steel. In simple terms our armors are better than others.

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