Strategic Angler Mikros Sinking




Mikros Sinking: 5 inches (127MM), 2oz (60g)

The “smallest” BIG lure in the lineup.  Available in floating and sinking configurations, the Mikros series lures zig-zag, swim and wobble unlike any custom lure on the market today.  The perfect size for both fresh and saltwater fishing, the Mikros series opens the possibilities for the ultimate fishing experience.


The Mikros-F and Mikros-S can be fished with similar techniques.  The differences lie in their buoyancy, with the Mikros-F creating a visual and audible disturbance on the surface with its internal rattle chamber and the Mikros-S which sinks for a more subtle but “in your face” presentation.

Both lures can be walked by twitching the rod tip imparting a side to side zig zag action, keeping the lure in the feeding zone where it is most effective.  The occasional long jerk will make the lure kick wildly, making the lure swim like a fleeing baitfish.

The Mikros lure can be retrieved with various speeds depending on the hook setup.  Lighter hooks allow for a slower retrieve while larger, heavier hooks allow for a more spirited retrieve.  For heavy tackle and big game fishing, an extra large treble or single hook located on the belly is all you need.  This configuration will still allow the lure to swim at its best (note that the Mikros-F will sink slightly due to the heavier belly hook)

For trolling purposes up to 4 knots, use the largest possible hook on the belly with the Mikros-S (sinking)

Horizontal suspending/sinking (hook dependent)


  • Alternating side to side swimming action with retrieve
  • subsurface walk

Retrieve speed:
Medium to fast; trollable

Skill level:
None to moderate

Heavy Tackle

Belly only (trolling):
5/0 trebles, 4/0 trebles, 3/0 trebles

Belly only:
8/0 to 12/0 single

3/0 or 2/0 treble with a single tail hook

Light Tackle

2/0 trebles with 5/0-7/0 single

1/0 treble with 5/0 single

single 5/0-8/0