Strategic Angler Genesis 165




Genesis165-FS: 6.5 inches (165mm), 2oz (65g), 2/0 or 3/0 trebles, 3/0 singles (and up)

GENESIS series is a simplified and scaled down version of the versatile 8.5 inch Frantic series.

The deep, flat body profile enables this lure to sink with a side to side flutter as well as making it swim side to side with relative ease.  This lure design was modeled after herring and sardines but also perfectly mimics freshwater forage fish such as shads and chubs.

A great all around lure requiring a slower presentation, the Genesis series stays in the zone longer to attract a bite from numerous predators like striped bass, tarpon, snook, redfish, speckled trout, freshwater bass, pike and musky.


Horizontal sinking


  • Sinking flutter
  • Loose wobble action with medium retrieve, swim bait

Retrieve speed:
Slow to Medium retrieve, twitch/pause or swim

Skill level:
None to moderate


Additional information


Black Back, Blue Back, Blue Mackerel (Full Foil), Flying Fish, Green Back, Green Mackerel (Full Foil), Naked Sardine (Full Foil), NIght Flyer, Olive Back, Pink Back, Pink Flyer, Real Menhaden (Full Foil), White Back