Auser Lures Encelado 190S


Action : Sinking

Weight: 100 g – 3 1/2 Oz

Length: 190 mm – 7 2/5 in


The Encelado 190S is a sinking stickbait designed for large predators such as bluefin tuna and coral reef fish. Extremely easy to use with various retrieves like long or short jerks and walk the dog. Perfect for actively feeding fish on the surface or to reach predators that are hanging deeper in the water column.

The internal reinforcement is made by laser cutting on a duplex steel plate, a steel that is more resistant to oxidation and stronger than the 316 stainless steel. The beautiful airbrush paint is protected by many layers of glossy finish for added durability.

Hook Recommendation:

2 Single 7/0-9/0

1 Treble 4/0 (Belly) 1 Single 9/0 (Tail)