Strategic Angler Espada Sinking




Espada Sinking: Length: 9.25 inches (235 mm), 5.5oz (130g)

The Espada series is a true-to-life sized lure inspired from Pacific Saury and Ballyhoo.  Expert anglers will find this lure extremely versatile since its action can be modified to fit their needs.  Available in both floating and fast-sink, the Espada series is a must have lure for offshore and surf applications.  A perfect mid-sized lure with hardware to match the toughest fish in the ocean.

It features a smooth, streamlined body with a 2.4 mm wiring system (same as the Kratos series), capable of handling any fish of your dreams.  The Espada series sits near vertical at rest with its tail down (both floating and sinking versions).  Various techniques will make this lure come alive.


The Espada-S (sinking) descends about a foot a second just like a dead bait fish.  A faster sink can be achieved by using heavier or larger tail hooks.  Jigging the lure will make it come alive underwater with an erratic darting action; pausing it will make the lure sink tail first.  Rhythmic jigging of the lure will make it dart left and right, giving it an underwater walk-the-dog presentation.

A subsurface rolling action can be achieved by casting the lure out and letting it sink to the desired depth.  Quickly sweep the rod left to right (or up) to make the lure dart and roll underwater, creating a side flash like a fleeing baitfish.

Vertical sinking, tail down


  • Erratic darting action
  • Sinks at a foot a second (hook dependent)

Tail hook only compatible

Working speed:
Medium to fast

Skill level:


3/0 trebles or 2/0 trebles

3/0 treble with 7/0 single

8/0 to 10/0 singles

Tail only:
4/0 treble, 3/0 treble, up to 12/0 single