Auser Lures Kaitel 195F


Action :  Floating/Diving

Weight:  100 g 

Length:  195 mm – 7 2/5 in


The Kaitel 195f is a floating diving popper designed for large predators such as bluefin tuna, giant trevally and other coral reef fish. Ideal for actively feeding fish or to raise predators from the deep with its wobble, bubble trail and loud “whoosh” it generates.

The internal reinforcement is made by laser cutting on a duplex steel plate, a steel that is more resistant to oxidation and stronger than the 316 stainless steel. The beautiful airbrush paint is protected by many layers of glossy finish for added durability.

Hook setting:

2 Treble hooks size min. # 4/0 max. 5/0 (st-66)

2 single hooks   size min. # 9/0

We do not recommend connecting the bait directly to the line, alway use a snap or split rings.