Auser Lures Ganzo 120SS


Action : Slow sinking

Weight: 45 g – 1 5/8 Oz

Length: 120 mm – 4.7 inches


The Ganzo 120ss is a small slow sinking/suspending stickbait designed to undermine any pelagic, in particular tuna, very easy to swim and will suspend when paused often triggering a strike!  This is a lower density version of the Ganzo 120s which is fast sinking and has a distinct wobble when sinking on the pause

length is 120mm (4.7″) and the weight is 45g (1-5/8oz) without hooks,  with hooks 50 / 55g (depending on rigging)

The internal armor is made by laser cutting a duplex steel sheet, it passes through the body and it is more than two times the strength and corrosion resistance of standard 316 stainless steel. The armor section is 1.5 x 1 mm and it has a strength of thicker 2.5-3mm 316 stainless wire. This armor has no welds or junctions so the Ganzo 120S can handle any fish. The beautiful airbrush paint is protected by many layers of glossy finish for added durability.

The Ganzo 120s and 120ss can be distinguished as the 120ss has a small fish engraved into the foiled left gill plate.

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Acciuga, Blue Mackerel, Bluefin Tuna Special, Bunker, Chartreuse/Pink, Flying Fish, Green Mackerel, Herring, Pink Fluo, Punk Dorado, Sandeel, Sardine, White