Auser Encelado 240F Lure


Action : Floating

Weight:  180 g – 6.4 Oz

Length:  240 mm – 9.5 in


The Encelado 240F is a floating stickbait designed for the biggest predators like bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna and giant trevally.

Length is 240mm (9.5″) and weight is 180g (6.4oz) without hooks.

The internal armor is made by laser cutting a duplex steel sheet, it passes through the body and it is more than two times the strength and corrosion resistance of standard 316 stainless steel. This armor has no welds or junctions so the Encelado 240F can handle the largest fish. The beautiful airbrush paint is protected by many layers of glossy finish for added durability.

The Encelado 240F is supplied without hooks, the recommended setups are:

2 single hooks 13/0 BKK Diablo

2 treble hooks 6/0 BKK GT Rex

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